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Don’t just take our word for it — see what the rest of Cobb, Cherokee, Dekalb, Fulton and Paulding counties are saying about Comforting Arms!


D.B. – May 2017


I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done to help in our situation with my mother. Everyone we have had with her has done a good job and we appreciate that. If we get into a situation that we need help again or to recommend you to someone else you would be our first choice.


Once again thanks,


R.S. – May 2017


May 2017



Now that the funeral is over and things are settling down, let me take a moment to personally thank you and the team from Comforting Arms for all the kindness and care that you showed to my mother, Bernice.  She loved seeing the members of your team!  The last time I saw Mom at her place, one of your staff was there sitting on the couch with her, holding her hand, talking to her, trying to get her to breathe properly.  It meant so much to me, as sometimes Mom had gotten forgetful (or sometimes just plain stubborn) and wouldn’t always listen to my counsel for maintaining her health.  In the end though, her body just gave out.  No amount of getting her to do the right thing was going to help with the fact that her time was coming to a close.

You and your team were true professionals.  You did what you said you were going to do, when you said you were going to do it and with a true spirit of help and compassion.  I knew as long as you were all there to provide assistance, Mom was in better care and that peace of mind was worth it to me and my family.  I would highly recommend Comforting Arms to any family that needs a little (or a lot) more help with their loved ones.  We could not be with Mom at all times, but your staff gave us a sense of peace that she was competently being care for.  It takes special people to be empathetic and compassionate with others; Comforting Arms is filled with this kind of special people.

If there is anything more that I can ever do for you, please let me know.

Finally, if you can let Glenda and your staff around the Lodge know that Mom wished for Shirley to get the food in the refrigerator, that would be appreciated.  There is still food in there and she always enjoyed sharing what she had with others, especially Shirley.  It would make her happy to know that her yogurt and perishables were being used by her friend.  Can you please see that gets taken care of?

Thanks so much, Phil.  Let me know if there is anything else on Mom’s tab that needs to be finalized once the monthly billing cycle gets paid.

May 2017 – S.N.



Betsy -  April 2017


Hello Mandy,

I received a phone call from Brookdale Assisted Living this AM that Dee had fallen and was being taken via ambulance to Kennestone Hospital. I texted Ashley to let her know the circumstances as she was scheduled to be with Dee today. Ashley met Dee there in the ER and stayed with her. We were very appreciative of her caregiving, as I was working and my husband was babysitting our granddaughter.
Ashley has always been and again today was super attentive to Dee’s needs and she went above and beyond her caregiver duties! I wanted you all to be aware of her care.

Thank you,

S.P. – March 2017


Phil and Staff,

Thank you so much for your care and compassion for my mom this past year. Your help allowed her to remain in The Lodge for 2015. Please convey our appreciation to all who worked with her. 


S.H. – January 2017 


Hi Mandy,

I know that you are aware of my mom’s condition, but I figured I should officially tell you that we do not need you to send any coverage for tomorrow and Friday since Bella is off. I want you to know that Bella has been a blessing to our family and especially mom. They had quite a special bond between the 2 of them. But if you have another assignment that you need Bella to start next week, I don’t want her to miss out and I don’t want another family to miss out on that either.

Thank you for everything. I know it wasn’t easy to find someone for mom and we appreciate all that you have done.


M.B. – November 2016




Hi Phil,
Thank you for asking. His ability to take his own shower with confidence
was one of the main reasons for stopping care at this time. I also greatly
appreciate you and all of the staff for helping out when we needed it most.
If additional care is required in the future, I will not have to look any
further than your phone number. Thanks again.


S.S. – November 2016




I want to thank you and your organization for all the wonderful help

and caring attention that you gave my parents.  You were working with

us for two years … first to help my mother take care of my father when

she could no longer do everything … then in helping my mother not feel

so alone after she moved into assisted living.  You all were caring,

helpful, responsive to an ever changing situation, sensitive, flexible and above

all ‘comforting arms’!!  I don’t know what we would have done without

you.  You allowed us to know that my parents were well cared for and

for us to go back to being their children!  You and Julie plus the care

givers were like family and I miss seeing everyone, but everyone is busy

and I certainly understand that.  I am grateful for all your time, but don’t

know how I would have made it through the last month in the hospital

and the nursing home without you.  It was a very difficult time.”


“We are dealing with a similar situation with Dave’s mother … she is 92 and

living independently.  Lately she has been sick with shingles and needs

some help, but it seems too early to move her into assisted living.  Our

experience with Comforting Arms gave us the knowledge to recommend that

she and other members of our family in Minnesota look into home health care.

I think that will be a perfect solution if they can find someone as great as

you have been.  They have an interview tomorrow and we hope it all works


Thanks again for everything!!


S. S. – August 2016



I wanted to pass on something Ms. Cleda’s daughter said to me in a conversation this morning:

Becky told me that her mom enjoys Linda coming so much, and last Wednesday when Ms. Cleda’s house cleaners had to cancel, Linda really jumped in and did so much.  Becky also said that Ms. Cleda is now accepting “having help”, and Becky knows that this is because of how wonderful Linda is.


M.S. – August 2016


Phil, just a quick note to say how great your company is and how helpful Vickie was to our family during our time of need. When Mom starting needing more and more help, we enlisted your services and Vickie became her caretaker a few hours a week. Mom at first didn’t think that she needed any help, but very quickly started looking forward to her visits with Vickie. We as a family could take a deep breath and not worry for the few hours that we knew Vickie was there visiting Mom. For any family contemplating Comforting Arms, our experience was nothing short of excellent, especially during those final hours when Vicki was there still helping Mom and providing us a level of support that we never could have imagined. Thank you so much Phil and Vickie for the “comforting arms” that you provided!!!

S. B. – July 2016


Already talked to Tracey and we are set for Sunday.  In case you haven’t been told, Tracey is an excellent representative for your company.  She is quick to respond to requests, thorough and extremely pleasant to with but I bet you have already heard this numerous times about her.

C.T. – April 2016


Beginning this Friday April 15 , please cancel my visits. My son and I
are in the planning stage for me to move into his home within the next few
You have been a life saver for me for a year and a half now, and I
don’t know what I would have done without you and your caring staff. You
have brought me to where I feel I am able to take care of myself now.
If I feel the need for help in the future, may I call on my caring
friends at Comforting Arms?
God bless you, as I have been blessed by you and your service.

F.D. – April 2016




Today…John walked me in& around my neighborhood…my farthest walk since

December 2013!

FYI:  John is doing great!

T.K.G – April 2016


It appeared to work well last Wednesday.  John seemed to be in good spirits when I returned home.

 I felt really bad that I cancelled this past Wednesday due to our company.  Jenny is coming back to the states for 6 weeks beginning March 22 but I have no intention of cancelling John with one exception.   There is a very good possibility we may go to KY sometime in April between 4-8.  My granddaughter has spring break that week and I haven’t seen her in over a year.  We correspond and keep up but I can’t do the long drive anymore and the trip by plane is anywhere between 5-6 hours due to the loss of direct flights by most airlines into Louisville.  My daughter-in-law can’t drive this distance either so it’s very hard to get visits in.  With Jenny being home she can make this happen.

I guess I gave you much more information than you requested.   John appears to take things in stride and does seem to be amused by Al’s stories.  I’m hoping this will continue.  It takes a very special person to be relaxed and sincere with people and hopefully they will build a relationship of mutual understanding as time goes on.

I will keep you informed as we move forward.  I am hopeful things will work out well.

J.J. – February 2016


Dear Phil,

I just had to write and say thank you for arranging care for my mom and I know it was challenging, to say the least! Glenda and Cheryl have
been a Godsend! I am thrilled with how they are so kind, sweet and
encouraging to my mom. Please convey my thanks to them too.

Again, thank you.

S.H. – January 2016


Dear Phil,
I took my mom for a check up this afternoon and the doctor was stunned at
how well she looked. She was amazed and SO pleased with the improvement.
Having Glenda and Cheryl come in daily has made ALL the difference. I told
the doctor all about them….how wonderful they are to my mom…and all
about Comforting Arms. The doctor was impressed. Please forward this to
those sweet ladies so they know how appreciated they are! It has made a
tremendous difference for my mom.

Thank you, Phil, for all your help too.

S. H. – January 2016


Hi Phil-

Just wanted you to know that I’m very impressed with Mohtabon.  She has a bright, cheerful personality; is always trying to help, and is here when she says she’ll be here.

She’s a ‘keeper.’

Hope all’s well with you and yours.

Best regards,

C. B. – November 2015


Hi Phil-
Jalissa Lucky completed her first week caring for Carole and she did a great
job — thought you would like to know that.
Also, Blanche and Stephanie visited us earlier this week and their
hairdresser (Britney) came by this afternoon and did Carole’s hair (another
great job). Their nail person is coming by next week. Thanks for
recommending them, and thanks for the professional way you have handled our
I hope you have a good weekend.
Best regards,
C.B. – October 2015



A simple thank you doesn’t begin to express my gratitude for all you have done to make this journey easier.  Jodi did an exceptional job of caring for Herb and he enjoyed seeing her each week.  Not only did she care for Herb, but she made my life easier by washing linen, making our bed and keeping Herb well fed.

Herb was always happy to see you at support group and when you stopped by our home.  You made him smile.

I appreciate all you have done to make these past few months a little easier.

C. P. – June 2015


Phil, I just wanted to thank you for your time when we met to review our needs for my mother….I had completed all the review of systems paperwork to submit for review as we moved towards bringing a staff member in once a week so that my husband and I could have some respite care.   I am sad to say that mom passed away on May 15th due to congestive heart failure in her sleep.  It was a peaceful passing but she is dearly missed.  I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for your time that you spent with us and that the work that you and team are doing is so needed for individuals like us who care for our family members.  I will keep your information on hand to pass to other individuals who may need your services.

Best Regards.

C.Q. – May 2015


Just to let you know that I gave official 30-day notice to Atria that we will be terminating our agreement for a room there. As I told you, Atria’s insistence that mom have 6 AM to 9 PM sitter service is just not sustainable for our budget for mom.Also, you know we are looking for a private care home for mom where we will not be required to have sitter service. This means when we find one we will no longer need Comforting Arms services. We have looked at several homes, reviewed others and are using A Place For Mom to assist us in doing this as soon as possible. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that it could happen within a week if we are lucky enough to find a place we like for mom. It takes a little time to get everything in order, i.e., updated physician’s exam, records, meds, moving mom out and in facilities.  First is the right place with a vacancy.Comforting Arms has been and is a great service for mom and for my family. We have been impressed with the staff attending to mom and your ability to put things in place rapidly. Please extend our thanks to all those who have been mom’s sitters and your administrative staff. You have made a very favorable impression on  the Atria staff as well.Thanks,D.B. – April 2015


Hi Phil

Hope you are doing well. We were able to get an appointment for Mom next Wednesday 18 March so will not need Cheryl to work on this day.

I believe I had previously informed you of her appointment on Monday 23 March but just wanted to make sure you were aware so Cheryl will not be scheduled to work on that Monday.

As always Thanks so much for all you guys do and a special thanks goes to Cheryl! Use me as a reference anytime.

Thank You,

B. C. – March 2015


Hi Phil,

We absolutely loved Justine today.

By any chance is she available Friday for three hours to go to the vet and pick up a Christmas tree? She can use our van–they can just throw it in the back. Home Depot on Cobb Parkway has a few trees left.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

Scott – December 2014


“I thought I was perfectly happy with the level of care and professionalism I experienced with the first company my brother and I hired to take care of our father, but that was before we engaged Comforting Arms to come into my home.  From the first visit to develop a care plan, I recognized that Comforting Arms was truly exceptional in its scope and completeness.  The attention to detail resulted in a care plan that addresses my father’s smallest need—some I had never even considered. But the real treasure in using Comforting Arms is the caregivers themselves.  We have had two different caregivers with Comforting Arms and both demonstrated a true calling for this type of work.  They treat my father as they would one of their own family members; he is not just a job to them.  They are conscientious to a fault and strive to take on responsibilities that ultimately make my life easier even as it makes my father’s life safe and more comfortable.  With Comforting Arms, I have a sense of satisfaction and a peace of mind when I am absent from home that I have not had since we first began using in home caregivers two years ago.”

L.E. – September 2014


I would highly recommend Comforting Arms to anyone who has aging parents.  I just recently moved my parents into a house from Maryland so they could be closer to us.  My Mom broke her hip in 2010, and my Dad has heart issues.  They were fairly independent, but when I went to visit, I was concerned about their eating habits, all of the medicines that they were taking, and going up and down the stairs. There was no organization of their meds.  Sometimes they got it, sometimes not.  I had no idea, that they would be as needy as they are!  I was spending a great deal of time at their house doing things for them:  taking them to doctors, cooking, cleaning, etc.  I was SPENT!

A friend told me about Comforting Arms, so I set up a meeting to see what they had to offer. I was so impressed with the professionalism.  Phil Graiser sets very high standards for his company and his employees! Mom and Dad’s caregiver is wonderful!  She is more patient than I am, she takes them to the store and doctor’s appointments, does light housework, makes their lunch, and helps with the laundry.  She makes sure that they’re taking their medicine at the appropriate times as well.  She’s a friend, not just a caregiver.

I’m so grateful to have Comforting Arms help us all out.  I have more time just to visit with them, and I’m not so stressed out. Mom and Dad get to stay in their own home, so they don’t have to go into an assisted living facility, and I have more time to spend with my family. This company is truly a Godsend!

P.W. – March 2014


Thank you, thank you. We so appreciate your response to our need for your services – and on such short notice. Yvonne is a wonderful person and we feel very blessed that you sent her our way. She kindly called me on Tuesday to check on my husband and wanted to know how he was doing. He is getting better each day. We are so very blessed.

S.H. – November 2013


Typical of a lot of people, I am still raising my children, and still needed to spend time with my aging father. I am the only child left in our family, so there was nobody else to help assist with day to day monitoring and visitation of my father. Although suffering from a mild form of dementia, he was doing OK in the assisted living facility, when he fell and broke his hip. The level of care and attention was increasing dramatically. The hospital was able to monitor him 24/7, but I felt some of his needs were not being met.  When he was required to be released from the hospital, after reviewing several rehabilitation facilities, my anxiety level skyrocketed.  The name of Comforting Arms came up from a friend, and after a bad experience with another agency in South Carolina, including theft, sleeping on the job and intimidation of my 92 year old father, I was reluctant to move forward, but my wife reassured me that things would be different.

In a nutshell, things were very different. My father and I had a meeting with Phil Graiser and his wife, Julie where they conducted an in-depth assessment.  They wanted to know more history about my father. They wanted to be better able to anticipate his questions, or decipher his things that he might say, and try to reassure him that he was in a safe place and not alone.  Although I never saw the caretaker(s) that Comforting Arms assigned to my father, I was able to measure the anxiety level of my father, and he was so much more relaxed than with the previous agency.  They detailed their time with Dad, and when I was there, I could review their notes.  I was pleased that they were able to take Dad outside, to let him enjoy some sunshine and warmth. It left me with a reassurance that someone else had eyes on Dad, and that the nurses were aware that Dad was not alone. It was reassuring to see Dad, and see that someone had helped him shave (electric), eat and drink and shared some time with him.

I was always informed if there were any changes of personnel before they arrived at my father room, and even met Phil and his wife several times when I was visiting my father.  They were there, and decided to stop in.

I might mention that Phil and his wife took inordinate pains to make sure that any questions that I had got answered.  I know I called several times while they were probably doing their own private time, but I was never left with the impression that I was intruding and always received good advice. Their level of customer care doesn’t stop with the patient, but the patient’s family as well.  Good job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. It was a pleasure working with them.

J.N. – September 2013